Thomas O'Neill
Dr. O'Neill founded the ITP lab in 2011 to further research in I/O psychology. The team is highly collaborative and values mentorship of younger researchers while contributing significant quality research to the field of I/O psychology.

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Amanda Deacon
Amanda graduated from the University of Guelph in 2012 with an honors degree in Psychology and a minor in Family Relations and Human Development. She is interested in organizational teams, and her honors thesis involved team membership change and its effects on cohesion and performance. Her current research interests include team adaptation, team dynamics, and performance.
Genevieve Hoffart
Genevieve recently completed her BA (Honors) in Psychology and is an incoming M.Sc. student. Over the past four years, she has helped develop the initial CARE Team Diagnostic model, led the content development and design for the Personality Report, and co-created the SUIT team training program, which has been delivered to over 3000 students. She is passionate about training, facilitation, and building teamwork skills in individuals.
Nicole Larson
Nicole is currently in the first year of her Ph.D. and has been working with the ITP Lab for the past three years. Her involvement with ITP Metrics has included co-developing the CARE Team Diagnostic model, customizing the Peer Feedback Report, validating ITP tools and assessments, disseminating research, and facilitating team training sessions. Nicole is committed to helping teams achieve their highest potential and to studying factors that contribute to effective teamwork.
Stephanie Law
Stephanie has completed her M.Sc. in I/O Psychology, and is currently in the second year of her Ph.D. She has been involved in conducting teams research in the ITP lab over the past four years. She has also facilitated team training sessions, created team models, helped develop the conflict management profile report, and led the visual design of ITP metrics. Her goal is to translate research findings into interventions that can be used to improve team functioning and facilitate individual introspection.
Julia Smith
Julia is a Master’s student who joined the ITP Metrics team in 2015 after graduating from Queen’s University with an honors BSc in Psychology. Her involvement with ITP Metrics so far has included co-creating the SET Leadership Report and facilitating peer feedback debrief sessions. Julia is passionate about studying factors that impact team performance, and her particular research interests include conflict management and leadership.
Zaw Aung
Zaw developed the online assessment platform for the lab. He has implemented software interfaces to communicate with MRI hardware, developed codes to analyze large genetic datasets to identify certains genotypes of individuals with Developmental Topographical Disorientation, created a proprietary Electronic Medical Records system for use in Family Practice clinics, and have worked on Interactive Whiteboards on a variety of Operating Systems and Web Platforms.