ITP Metrics aims to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams around the world.

To accomplish this goal, we work with educational institutions to develop and track key graduate attributes such as teamwork and communication skills, leadership readiness, and self-awareness.

We have developed an evidence-based suite of online teaching and assessment tools that build, track, and report on these graduate attributes.

We also work closely with educational institutions to create customized teaching and assessment tools to fit their unique industry needs.

Thomas O'Neill
Dr. O'Neill founded the ITP lab in 2011 to further research in I/O psychology. The team is highly collaborative and values mentorship of younger researchers while contributing significant quality research to the field of I/O psychology.

(Link to Curriculum Vitae)
Nicole Larson
Dr. Larson is an Assistant Professor at Deakin Business School and has been working with ITP Metrics since 2013 to develop and validate assessments and feedback reports, disseminate research, deliver ITPMetrics user training, and design and facilitate workshops. Nicole is committed to helping individuals achieve their highest potential and to studying factors that contribute to effective teamwork.
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones is a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary and has been working with ITP Metrics since 2019 to refine assessments and feedback reports, deliver facilitator training, and provide workshops to educational and industry groups. Samantha is keen to help individuals and teams reach their full potential through conflict management, self-reflection, and optimization of their skills.
Zaw Aung
Zaw developed the online assessment platform for the lab. He has implemented software interfaces to communicate with MRI hardware, developed codes to analyze large genetic datasets to identify certains genotypes of individuals with Developmental Topographical Disorientation, created a proprietary Electronic Medical Records system for use in Family Practice clinics, and have worked on Interactive Whiteboards on a variety of Operating Systems and Web Platforms.